Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Something I've been thinking about... Simplify, I’m entertaining that idea.  I wonder if I can apply it...

            … to colors in a piece of work
            … to objects in my composition
            … to stuff in my studio  (oh yes, I do need to apply it here.
            … to time to complete a project (maybe avoid overworking an idea)

What do you think?  Have you tried to apply this to your life or maybe it’s an automatic for you.

Yesterday I spent the day in Holland Hospital, my spouse had back surgery and all is well except I didn’t get much art work done.  A bit of stitching but I haven’t taken the time to scan so a short post. Tonight he came home so I'm going to be his nurse for next few days, not much art work to get done but he is worth taking good care of.


Paper rainbow said...

Not sure I have the discipline to downsize colour! Admire you for trying. Simplicity creates very stunning designs. Wishing your husband well very soon.

Joan Tavolott said...

Will be saying prayers for your husband's quick recovery. I think simplifying is very difficult in all areas. lol