Monday, June 6, 2022

New Work Delivered

 And I'd like to introduce you to the Cause and Affect Gallery in Fenton, Michigan.  It's a gallery with a mission and it's a mission worth doing.  This diptych is one of the newer paintings I delivered there recently.  Every quarter Cause and Affect gives a percentage of it's income to a different charity.

If you are in the Fenton area stop in and see my work and this very welcoming gallery. It's located at 126 Leroy Street. 1

It's mission: To promote creativity, learning and growth through a changing program of visually stimulating and thoughtful work and exhibitions, and to inspire passion and appreciation for arts and culture while engaging the public on social issues through the visual arts. 

The owner, Ann Anglim, started the gallery to fill a need. She wanted to find space where a friend who is differently abled could take a class in silversmithing. I like that term, differently abled

Ann says "The gallery is accessible to all and our classroom space is adaptable for people of differing needs. Inclusion of all is very important to us. The gallery name speaks to what we do. We take various causes and want to have an affect in the greater community. This is done by donating a portion of all of our sales to non-profits. The donations are done on a quarterly basis and we have a list of non-profits that we choose from."

In addition to a gallery hosting many different Michigan artists working in a variety of media Cause and Affect offers a number of workshops in its studio space which is accessible to those who are differently abled.

26 N. Leroy St., Fenton, MI126 N. Leroy St., Fenton, MI 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

An Artist's Date And A Workshop

 This week, an artist's date.  This is something I bought tickets for in 2019 to do in 2020. The pandemic interfered. Finally on Thursday this week I got to see the VanGogh Immersion.  Fascinating!

When I bought the tickets Detroit was the only place it was showing in Michigan. Since then it has been scheduled to show in Grand Rapids.  I may go again.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a Karen Stamper workshop, Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow.  The idea is to learn to use your sketchbook pages to eventually make paintings. I did use my sketchbook when I was doing poured watercolors.  For those I did a value study or the drawing before I started a painting.  I haven't used my sketchbook for abstracts so I decided this course may be a good one.

Karen uses a concertina sketcjbook and recommended it for us to use.  I had done on for our Florida trip and liked it so I bought one for this class.  This is the start, just making marks without thinking and using a variety of mark making tools. I can already see boats. They may or may not stay. I'm guessing at least one will survive.

Another lesson for the first week was to use a separate piece of paper to make marks on and then tear it up and use parts to make a collage and/or add parts to your sketchbook. I did both.  My collage is on the left and parts added to my sketchbook on the right. I see a couple sterns, may have to turn flip the left piece to horizontal.  


That's all I got done on this weeks.  Fortunately with internet workshops one can work at a time that works for them.  I'll have access to this workshop for a year but I want to get it done by the end of the 6 weeks it's live.  I'll post an update next week.

Friday, May 13, 2022

New Works In Process


It's been awhile since I started some new work.  These two are 8x8" and totally different from the way I normally start new work.  My normal starts on mixed media pieces are some collage papers and mark making, no color, just black and white or cream.  I decided I needed some color so -- these are the starts. 

I'm seeing flowers right off but I want to live with these for a bit before deciding on the next layer.

Meanwhile, the paper that I cover my table with when I'm working got replaced when I started these.  The old paper is too good to throw away but has a lot of interesting stuff on it. Spilled paint, testing a color, trying a stamp and over spraying are just a few of the marks.  I use it to make envelope journals.  On sheet makes two journals.  So far I've only finished one with this sheet.

Closed it can fit nicely in my purse or in a travel bag.  And below you see its contents.  A few pages for notes or sketching and some papers to use for collage or the pockets can hold ephemera that I pick up when traveling.  I got the inspiration from Robyn McClendon.  These also make nice little gifts for artist friends.

It's also a way to get rid of some of the many scraps of paper I have cluttering up my space.

Friday, May 6, 2022

The #100DayChallenge Continues

 And I have a mess but this is often what a piece of my art looks like part way through the process.

Stay tuned, this is no where near finished.  At this stage I did get some wonderful collage papers.

Some of this paper may end up in the finished pieces -- or the next piece.

Friday, April 22, 2022

The Bundles Unwrapped

 But first -- this is the second post I've started that way.  Why?  Well the images of papers that have been out in the elements all winter isn't nearly as nice to look at as this so first --

This painting reminds me of my favorite season.  I don't do watercolors like this anymore but that's a topic for another post.  For now, the bundles.

Last fall I wrapped some papers around two 8x8" and one 4x4"canvas panels, partially covered them with beeswax paper that I have for who knows what reason and set them out by my birdfeeder. I promptly forgot about them.  

In January I was filling my feeder. We had a thaw and the bundles were visible so I brought them in and unwrapped them.  This is what I found.

Wonderful collage fodder! That inspired me to wrap up more papers, we were still going to have more winter.  This time I put a note in my April calendar.  "Bring in the bundles that you put behind the garage, east side."  So when we got back from our trip south I brought them in. This time the paper was wrapped around 6x6" pieces, one a cradled gesso board and one canvas.  More wonderful collage fodder and two substrates already started.
The wood panel and papers
The canvas panel and papers
I've made a note on my September calendar -- "Do bundles and put them behind the garage."  This is as much fun as echo dying which is a summer project for getting interesting papers.  

And summer is coming -- eventually.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Back To The Challenge But First

 My new travel journal.

We headed south for a short break from the cold and I took along a small concertina sketchbook.  Normally I do postcards and/or take lots of photos with the intention of putting them in separate travel journal once home.  The last part rarely happens.  

This year I had intended to do some collage with ephemera collected along the way.  That didn't happen.  Instead I ended up doing what I normally do on postcards but the sketches are already in the sketchbook. I believe this will be my new form of travel sketchbook.  I can make it with a page a day for however many days we will be away.  Perfect. Here are a few more pages. Some still need color but I've made color notes or taken photos so that can be added.

I've already added the color to the fish that were everywhere at the Thirsty Turtle, an excellent place for seafood in Port St. Lucie, FL

And now, back home and back to the #100daychallenge -- this is a new old piece that got put away because I had no clue what to do with it.  It now has three new layers.  The last one being some collage, papers that I unwrapped yesterday.  More on that after the challenge piece.

The black scribble was the first new layer followed by the graphite scribbles.  The graphite scribbles were done with my new carpenter's mechanical pencil.  Love it, the pencil that is.  And today I added collage in the lower right corner.  That's some of the paper I unwrapped yesterday from the bundles I had put out behind our garage last December.  Here are the bundles unwrapped...

And now I think I'm caught up and hopefully will get back on track.  I've been trying to post every week but traveling got in the way.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

And the Challenge Continues


These are two of three pieces I pulled out of my pile of unfinished pieces a few days ago.  Looking at them I thought they looked done but they didn't really look like me.  At least not the me that is painting lately, they are way too neatly done. I have been wondering what I was going to do with them and another project gave me the answer.

We're going to be traveling sometime next month so I got out a 4x6" concertina sketchbook I purchased awhile back.  It seemed perfect for carrying in my purse during the trip and another unfinished project seems perfect for the cover.  It's another sketchbook I started in a class but didn't like it so I never finished.  I have since been cutting it up and using parts for other projects.  I think this will be the cover.

There's room at the bottom to write dates or destination information.

And that prompted me to make a concertina sketchbook -- just a bit larger -- that I can also take along.  After looking and discarding many potential covers I had an aha moment -- two of the pieces I vowed to finish during the #100dayproject -- the ones I thought were done but not me.

Perfect and just the right weight, sturdy but not too heavy so it will be easy to carry it around.  And I just had a thought about the third piece in the threesome.  I can cut it in half to make a couple pockets, one for each sketchbook.

So now back to working on a couple others from the pile.