Friday, January 8, 2016

My Word for 2016 -- Sketch


I started the year with a word instead of a resolution.  My word is SKETCH.  I do it a lot but this past year it hasn’t been daily.  I need to get back to that and so far I’m doing fine. 

BUT… it’s only week 1.  However, I am thinking positive.  I will keep up with it no matter what.  In fact the page above is an example of commitment.  It was bedtime and all I had done was a few quick pen sketches while we waited for our dinner at a favorite restaurant.  You’ll see those later in this post.  I did the top sketches before bed.

And this is what I did while we waited for dinner last evening….

Each of these is in a different sketchbook.  I know I’m going to want to do a bit of painting/sketching when we go on our next trip; more than just a few sketches in the one journal I take along when we go anywhere. 

So I’m trying a few out to see which works best for me.  The one that I did all of the little ones in has been eliminated.  It’s great for watercolor but not good for pen.  Since most of my sketches are pen and ink with watercolor and I frequently do a bit of journaling along with it the paper has to take both.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Quick Sketch today

Just a quick sketch today.  I've been in the studio working on a couple mixed media pieces.  May do another sketch tonight as I have an idea for another mixed media piece.

Friday, January 1, 2016

First Sketch of 2016 & The Last Sketch of 2015

And the last sketch of 2015

First the last one…. I sketched a pinecone, then carved it into a stamp thinking I could use it to make every card original.  Well, it would be Easter before I got them done so that probably won’t happen this season.  Maybe if I start early enough next Christmas it can work.

So on to 2016 and I have a new sketchbook to try.  It’s a Pentalic Field Book, 7 x 10 inch with 140 lb watercolor paper.  This is from a photo over at the wetcanvas weekend drawing event.  This year I want to work on more intense color in my sketches and work on sketching faster. 

To do that I need to work on a sketch every day – maybe two or three.  Currently I work on something everyday but it could be stitching, jewelry, printmaking, painting… who knows.  But drawing is important and I need to practice daily, no matter what else I’m working on.

Another goal for 2016, get back to taking a walk everyday.  I used to do it early in the morning.  I need to get into a new habit of doing it mid day and taking along my sketchbook.  Thinking positive…. I am going to do it.