Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally Getting Back To Pouring Paint

I'm not there yet but getting ready.  It's been a long dry spell.  Does that happen to other artists?  I know I've continued to do creative things but painting, actually producing some major works, just hasn't been happening.  I realized it when I began thinking about what I had to enter in some upcoming exhibits... nada... nothing... not a new piece to be found.  Yes, time has been taken up with a new grandchild; however, that's just a month (he was a month old yesterday.)  I can also tell by the time it's taking me to get the drawings done.  I'm working on two right now.  One is rather complex so I'm doing a very careful drawing trying to get the values right and trying to group things together so it isn't quite so complex and I get some interesting shapes.  That's this one and it's going very slow. 

zipporah sketch

Thanks to wetcanvas buddy Mike Beckett for this reference.  Here's a link to Mike's blog

The other piece is already on the half sheet that the pouring will be done on.  It's another one based on an image from a wetcanvas buddy, Jeanette Jobson from Newfoundland.  She does beautiful work, here's a link to her blog.  And here's the drawing ready for the first mask. I know it's difficult to see but it has to be that way or I'd get graphite mixed with the paint.

two boats

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sketches

I started last week's hunt but didn't get far, grandson distraction.  However, I haven't given up on doing this.  So far this week I have done four that were on the list.   These were done while sitting at my kitchen table... that's a photo of his highness on my cell phone.

week 3 1 3

I walk early in the morning, before the world is really awake anywhere but in the local coffee shops.  A couple weeks ago I decided to take my sketch bag along on my walk so I could stop for coffee and see if I couldn't find something on the list to sketch while I was stopped.  I did that again this week and these are the sketches I've done so far.

Week 4 1 3 week 4 4

Now I really need to get working on a couple of major paintings as I'm part of a two exhibits  opening in May

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the family expands

I've neglected my blog the past two weeks; there's a good reason....

with his grandparents

That's my spouse holding our new grandson, Warner Percy Lystra,  born January 16, 2010.  Here's a better picture of the most beautiful baby ever (the possible exception being the lad's father.)

got that thumb

And here he is with the proud parents

with his parents 

I have to admit, I haven't been able to get much painting done.  I have managed a few more scavenger hunt sketches but haven't had a chance to scan them yet.  I did enter two pieces in a regional competition here in our area, Winter Festival, which opens February 5.  I learned today that both got in which makes me a happy camper.  Here they are (the light reflection on the dancers is because it's a poor photo.)

Flea Market Series #3 baskets

Shall we Dance

Who knew being a grandmother was going to take up so much of my time.  When he's here I find myself doing nothing but stare at this sleeping miracle of a child.  He's such fun to watch as he wiggles and stretches and sometimes opens his eyes to take a peek around at what's going on then back to sleep.  Even when he fusses he's relatively quiet about it.  I feel so blessed that the kids moved back home last fall and we are able to see the little guy regularly.