Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Rant And If You Think I'm Way Off Base Please Let Me Know.

I truly would like to hear if you think I'm way off base and why.  I do listen to both sides. 

Before you read the rant know I support Women's Right to Choose. A woman's right to choose is her business, not mine.  While I may not agree with her choice it is her choice and it’s between her and her God or lack thereof. In spite my support of women's right to choose, I don't support people who don’t believe in abortion having to pay for that choice unless it’s for the woman’s health. 

I wasn't going to post this but there has been so much going on. so much hate, and these thoughts wouldn't go away.  So on to the rant....

So Planned Parenthood finally learned that its founder was a racist and Nazi and Klan sympathizer and her organization's mission was to have black women abort their babies - ethnic cleansing. Slow learners those Planned Parenthood folks. Some of us have known that for a very long time and wondered how anyone could support an organization or person who held that woman in high esteem, one of them being Hillary Clinton. Perhaps they realized that many of us knew about her and with the Black Lives Matter movement we were questioning the hypocrisy.
It's very much like the Democrat party now saying "well, we should have been harder on Bill Clinton when he was in the oval office." Why? Because it wanted to bring up Trump's dalliances and figured it would get called out. Well it was right but a lot of folks saw right through that one.

And you wonder why some of us think Democrats are hypocrites ,,,

At least Planned Parenthood now recognizes her for what she was and I hope many of those who admired her also realize it … or at least realize that many of us know. However, just taking her photograph off the walls isn’t going to make her image and connection to Planned Parenthood go away.  It’s been there too long.  I know, it provides other services but there are other organizations that do that too.  If it is an area that doesn't provide them -- start a new organization.