Monday, March 25, 2019

Time To Make A Decision

I'll finish this journal this week and while I have had fun doing the tackdowns, it isn't going to be my 100 Day Project,  I still don't know what it's going to be; I'm not ruling out collage but tackdown requires having an iron and that isn't something I want to have to use every day.  Some days I may be away during the 200 days and I may not have an iron handy.

So what will it be... I have to decide this week so I can be ready to start next week.  Collage and Watermedia sketches are in the running.  If I do a collage every day or a watercolor sketch every day I want every day to be the same size so I have 200 to choose from at the end of the project. Hopefully some will be worth mounting or framing.  

Another option is an art journal that is based on a daily devotional.  That could lead to something totally unexpected, who knows.  

I'll be thinking about this all week... it's crunch time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hello Spring!

I paint with a group every Tuesday morning.  Earlier in the week I was gifted with a pot of daffodils so I took them along to the friends house where we were painting... thinking Spring.  I normally like Winter but this one was not a good one so I am looking forward to sunshine, green grass and spring flowers!

This morning I started the day with a tackdown collage in my Tackdown Sketchbook.  The book is almost full.  
I'm trying to decide.... do I start another Tackdown Sketchbook or do I start actually making Tackdown Art pieces?  

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Little Something To Teach My Class

I teach a creativity class at our church.  It's open to anyone who would like to join us and I try to have them do something a little different every week just to get them thinking about how they might do some things they didn't realize they could do, like this gesso resist painting of a tulip.

The process is quite easy.  First choose something that isn't too intricate to draw, then paint gesso everywhere except over the lines you've drawn.  Wait for it to dry completely and then the scary part, paint black permanent ink over the whole piece and let it dry completely.  Once it's dry, go to the sink and scrub off the ink.  There's no need to worry about how many scribbles it takes to get the drawing done because those lines will be covered with either black ink or gesso.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Something Different and Dolls?

I didn't post last week because what I wanted to share is new work and it was for a new exhibit at the Gallery Uptown.  These are some new pieces that are in the March Music Exhibit in the Walburg Section of the gallery.

There's one more but evidently I forgot to photograph it.

So now I'm taking a short break from  painting and playing with dolls.  I didn't play with dolls as a girl.  I remember a doll house but no dolls.  When my youngest cousin Melissa was little and had a Barbie I made cloths for her Barbie.  I was a young married and she was 5.

That was the extent of my doll playing until a couple friends invited me to join an art doll collaborative a few years back.  Both of those friends have since died; however, I got the bug and it became my hobby, still art but different.  Elzabeth was the first one... that collaborative doll and all I can take credit for is the head, hair and body.  Everything else is done by other artists.  What a fun project that was and what interesting dolls everyone came up with.  I wish I had the photo handy to post.  I do have mine and here she is....
Now I'm working on a pattern that I got over at Doll Street Dreamers.  Her name is Abundance and she's been in process for some time.  I only work on dolls when I need to take a break from everything else... I'm having trouble with her head.  I have made three, this is the last one and I didn't like the color once I had her features in so gesso covered everything but the mouth.  I will start again. I do love her coat and I'm working on a 2nd coat.  I have no idea when I will finish her but I'll post when I do.
And here are a few others that I've made since I started this journey.