Wednesday, November 27, 2019

So much to be grateful for

There is much to be grateful for in my life, I hope that is true in your's as well.

Friday, November 22, 2019

More Dailies, A Class and A Wedding

I'm continuing with the November Dailies Challenge, here are a couple more 
A couple coffee mugs and a collage

I've also been taking an abstract workshop on line, Jodi Ohl's Absolutely Abstract.  It's been a challenge.  With representational work one knows what the focus is, it's what you wanted to paint.  With abstract which I thought of as non-representational until Jodi had us find a favorite vacation photo and use it as the basis for a painting.  Some of what we're doing is non-representational but one still has to design the piece.  I'm still working on the vacation piece, a photo I took in France on our anniversary.  Here is one of the non-representational pieces I did.

And the wedding.... I got to visit my cousins and some of their kids and grandkids in Virginia. It was a beautiful wedding, my cousin Gail's grandson's, and great fun to visit.  I stayed with Gail as did her older brother, Ralph and her oldest son, Rick.  We are all interested in family history and family stories so there was a lot of sharing.  The wedding was beautiful, in the chapel at Langley Air Force Base and we got a quick tour of the base.  

So far the month is going beautifully and now I'm looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving with friends.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More Tuesdays and November Dailies

Yesterday Tuesday Painters were at Hemlock Crossing... a favorite foul weather spot because there are great views from indoors and it is open all year.  This is what I did....
And I'm participating in an Art Everyday Month, November Challenge.  The only day I don't have to show is the 2nd; it was an anniversary card and I gave it away before I got it scanned.

The first day was a sketch bag that will live in my car.  The one I was using finally gave out.
 This one was some leftover paper from the anniversary card...
 And more paper from the anniversary card...
On my morning walk the leaves on the ground looked like angel wings so I picked one up and used it for this little one...
 And while sorting I came across this divider.  I had done a little daily on it in October and put it aside. The flower picture was in the same pile so I added it to the page.
And now I'm off to Virginia for a wedding.