Wednesday, June 13, 2018

One Done, How Many More To Do....

Who knows.... but at least this one is finished and up on the shelf with the rest of my boats.

I've rearranged the shelf to make room and found that I also had room for all of the little paper rowboats if I stacked them.  Now with them rearranged you can see the clay boat I mentioned in my last post and now you can also see the oars.  

I have errands to run tomorrow so I'm not likely to get back to the mosaic piece but it is next on my list.  I've seen a few more as I worked on finishing this one so I expect to be busy for awhile and I hope, when done, I will have a studio clear of clutter.  And I already have an idea for more storage space.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Could Be A Solution

The mess in my studio seems to stay in spite of my constant starting to deal with it.  Every time I go in to sort I come across things in process -- often long forgotten -- and just move them to another spot to deal with later.

Finally today, well yesterday actually because I'm writing this in the morning -- before heading in there again.  Anyway finally the light dawned -- the only way to deal with this mess is to DEAL WITH IT, I mean really deal with it.  Don't move it, finish it or pitch it.  A few things got pitched.  Others I decided could stay so I'm working on those I came across yesterday.
The sailboat, a paper mache project to finish.  I'm a boat person, well a water person but I love boats too.  So when I saw this one I decided I had to try making one to add to my small boat collection.
And then there are the 6 paper boats that I made thinking it would be a fun project -- but what do I do with them -- I believe the trash barrel is a good place for them. The sailboat can go on the shelf with the rest of them.

You can hardly see my favorite, it's clay.  The brown bow between the yellow and blue is one I made in a ceramics class.  I made some fun pots too but this was part of my final project.  I worked on it first, the project was to make a house and when my instructor saw it he questioned why.... "that's not a house."  I told him it was part of it, probably the most important part.  Here's the rest of the project...
The other project I need to finish and move to our back yard is a mosaic.  The ball on top was on a pole in the garden but grandpa and grandson where playing and not careful... the bottom half hit a rock. Since I can seem to stand disposing of things that can be saved, here it is, still in process.  The crash happened 4 years ago.  It's time to get it done and out of the studio.
My goal today -- finish adding to the base of the mosaic and epoxy the pieces together; add another layer of paper to the boat and make a sail; and see what else I come across to finish.

But first -- I'm off to paint with my Tuesday Painters group.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Still Playing With Boiled Paper

 I still have much to learn about this process but I love the result even when it isn't particularly good.  One never knows what the result will be. 

I also spent some time helping my grandson do some poured acrylics but no photos; he was giving one to his dad, one to his mother and the other large one was for him.  We both had fun with the process  I'll do more with him but for me... more playing with the boiled paper.  I think these will make a nice little journal to carry in my purse.