Saturday, May 26, 2018

Some Student Work and Some Grunge Journal Pages

This week my Creativity students did boiled pages.  This is one and here are a few more....

Great fun and I think everyone, including me, will be doing more.

I also spent some time in my Grunge Journal this week, first my Grandma Percy when she was a young woman and next a statue of Queen Victoria that was part of a wetcanvas Weekend Drawing Event several weeks back.  I saved the image and finally got around to doing something with it.  I don't consider these done yet but they are close...
It's been a busy week and this weekend we will be celebrating Memorial Day.  Plans are to take in the parade Monday morning, then back home where we will host a small neighborhood gathering. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Finished the Series of 4x4s

The small series is finished, the one above is #15, the one below is #16. It's been fun and I'm learning more about non-representational art which has been a challenge.  I think I will do more.   I haven't set a number goal, thinking I'll just play until I get tired of this and then move on to something else

And this week I finished one from the Weekend Drawing Event.  I've been saving teabags just 'cause the tea leaves interesting stains.  One of the images on the WDE was a village and the colors in a recently saved teabag was just right.  This is pen and ink, the color is mango tea.  I'm not a fan of flavored coffee because I like coffee.  I am a fan of flavored tea because I don't like tea. This is a postcard, the teabag was pressed, then mat medium was used to attach it to the postcard, then the drawing. Fun.

The other thing that has occupied my time this past few weeks is a Memoir Writing Class.  I have thought about writing my family stories for a long time but never did anything more than a lot of geneology research.  I learned about this class at Calvin College and decided I may as well jump in.  It's been fun, I have a few stories done and a list of ideas for more.  I don't know if I will share any here.... depends on the story.  Some are only for family.