Sunday, July 6, 2014

Progress on some tiny gems and other stuff


This is one I’m calling done…. for now anyway.  Family issues got in the way of studio time this past week, some good, some not.  However, I did get a little time in there so more progress. 

This one is at the “what the hell have I done now’' stage.


We’ll see where it ends up.  Moving on, I finished three postcards and have three that need a bit more work.


Another one in process and more starts using up the paint that was left on the palette.

6.27 2nd one

6.26 using up paint

And finally, after cropping a couple of pieces, leftover pieces find their way to note cards and I made a couple pair of earrings.


I like the note cards, I think I’ll do more of those.  I do end up with lots of pieces when I crop.