Friday, May 21, 2010

A bunch of boats & a bundle update

First the bundles; I checked them last Saturday after a week of rain and saw that even though I had coated the matboard substrate front, back and sides with a sealer, a week of rain had the paper separating from the board center.  No matter, I am looking at what happens and not worrying about what happens.  I’ll be checking again tomorrow.  This week has been mostly sunshine though it did rain today.

The rest of the week has been spent working on more monoprints, getting ready for another exhibit that opens June 4.  Six from this week are boats or boat related…

Life Saver's

In The Weeds


Three Oldies Number Ten Number Two Buoy

Some time ago I set up an Etsy Account but I haven’t put anything up for sale on it.  I’m thinking of putting some of my monoprints on there.  Has anyone else done Etsy and if so, what do you think?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More monoprinting & another distraction

Last things first, the monoprints that I had to deliver a week ago were for an exhibit that opened last night. It was a good night though I don’t think anything sold.  The exhibit will be up all month so there is still time for someone to buy all of them… wouldn’t that be nice. 

So what have I been doing this week; more monoprints.  I am really enjoying this process and this week got 6 more printed, cut plexi for more plates and began planning some larger. I’m not talking full sheets; however, I have a couple 8x10 plates to work on.  My friend Annie who is the master of experimenting got some great results with fluid acrylics and I know she’ll be doing more this week so she can show me next week.  I’m working on her… she needs a blog so she can share… she is one of the best and I know you all would love to see her work and some images of her wonderful studio. Meanwhile, here are a couple of my favorites from this week.

monoprint boat at the postmonoprint wheel

And the distraction, I’m one of those ADD people; I wonder, aren’t all artists?  Anyway, while I was taking a break from working on my plates I was reading the current issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors which has lots of great stuff in it.  There was an article about bundling lots of different types of paper, fabric, yarn, whatever and putting the bundle outside to see what effect the weather had on everything.  So instead of going back to my painting of plates, of course I had to make a bundle.  But being an obsessive, compulsive type in addition to being ADD, I couldn’t just make one bundle.  I had to make three and I would have kept going but reason took over; I knew I had to stop and get back to monoprinting.  Here are the bundles, I’ve made a note in my journal about what each one is made up of and now I have to find a place to hang them outside, out of the way because this isn’t something my spouse is going to think is a wonderful thing to have hanging in his back yard ;^).  I think they’d be a great addition but I don’t push my luck… it’s actually his gardens in the back yard, he being a master gardener and he is tolerating the fairy door (which I’ll also be working on finishing this coming week.)