Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's finished and framed, ready to take to the gallery tomorrow along with another one that I posted awhile back but decided this week it needed more punch.  It's the Sunflower
The yellow still looks dull in the photo but it has more punch in real life.  These will be going to the gallery tomorrow for a show with 10 other watercolor artists.  The exhibit opens May 1.  I've been up to my neck in framing and I still have more to do so this entry has to be brief.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost finished the pour

Several pours later and the mask removed... it's now hanging on a wall in my studio so I can study it.  That silver spot at the top is a giant clothes pin I use to hang paintings in process.  The wall is not readily visable as I work on other projects so I get glimpses... that way when I look at it carefully I'm getting a fresh look.  I still need to add the detail to the door but beyond that I'm still thinking about what it needs.  I see a problem in the lower right corner that needs more dark, part of one of the cross bases is floating.  I'm also leaning toward another light wash on the lightest parts.  Final decisions on this won't be made right away, it needs to sit awhile.
The boat... a disaster.  I love the shapes, everything about it but the colors... I used Winsors, Red, Yellow and Blue and I don't like the resulting darks... very muddy.  So that one will get scrubbed and become a mixed media piece.  I haven't taken another picture yet but will try to remember to do that before I start on it again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally putting paint to paper

Finally, the transfer of the drawing is complete, I've decided on the colors, painted the door blue and added just a touch of the blue on the window before masking them and then did the first pour to take the white out.  The first pour was Raw Sienna.  I want an old look so I decided to use Minnesota Pipesto (Daniel Smith,) Indigo and Raw Sienna.  I've never used these three for a pour so from here on it's experimental as well.
I also did a couple more layers (pours) on the boat and did a little 2" x 2" of an English Cottage.  In addition I started a piece with dancers but more time was spent working out how I would do that than on getting it started.  Next post I'll have something to show I hope.