Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Quilts and Dailies



This is a work in process.  It’s a small  quilt, about 9 x 12 right now but still need to add it to a background.  I’m off to the fabric store today because in spite of having almost every color imaginable, I don’t have the exact color I want for this background.  Any excuse to buy more fabric.

And more of my dailies…. this month, windows.  And all of the squares with Zentangles…. beginning to think beyond the obvious.daily 2 15if all else fails doodle

daily 2 16

daily 2 17

I haven’t done anything with them yet but in the process of clearing some space in my studio I came across papers I had used to do gelatin plate prints on tags for Christmas gifts.  Perfect windows so I’ll do some collage with them.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Serendipity, Windows and the Dailies


This week my Tuesday Morning Painters group went to our Loutit Library to paint.  My sketch was looking out one of the many windows at the courtyard.  I didn’t get what I had intended but that’s okay, I had fun with the branches on this bush….

daily 2 11 15

And now for the serendipity…. while I was there I realized it’s time for the Snowbound Readers challenge, 10 books by the end of March and there is a cute soup cup to get if one meets the challenge.  Time to check out a book and there was one I had been looking at… The Sketchbook Challenge. 

Back home I read the book, it’s a quick read.  And the suggestion for the challenge was to pick a theme.  That’s often a challenge for artists, most of us work that way but beyond doing it daily I don’t have a theme for my sketchbooks.  Something to think about.

Then while I was checking other things on line that evening I decided to check out the Sketchbook Challenge blog.  Hmmmmm, a different theme every month and this month it’s windows.  Maybe but I’m also thinking everyday objects or circles.

Later I went into my studio and there, sitting on a coffee table I made from a print tray my son gave me for a birthday (he does come up with good gifts) was another book I had been meaning to read but hadn’t gotten to…. Windows Into The Soul.  On the way out, another book, this time a reference book for colors but … Painted Ladies has some really interesting windows.

And then I remembered an exchange I did with a group from … windows.  I took a ton of photos of windows for that exchange.

Seems someone was trying to tell me something so….  my theme for the rest of this month is WINDOWS.  I’m not sure where it will take me but I’m ready for the journey….

daily 2 12 14

I know I’ve missed posting several because of problems getting them to my computer… it’s the operator, not the computer.  I was going to go back and try but decided I’d rather not spend the time.  If, every now and then I can get one on here I will.  I don’t think anyone cares if they are out of sequence and if they do…. I’m sorry.  From now on I’m going to download a different way, it worked on yesterdays and todays.

This is one of the dailies I’ve been having trouble with.  I can’t open it in Photoshop to adjust the contrast so it’s hard to see.  Not a real good likeness but note, he made the W because he recognized himself, probably because he was the only kid in the house at the time. 

2014-02-07 07.38.22 (2)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A give away of sorts…..

One of the art bloggers I follow, Karen Musgrave, is doing this and invited her blog followers to do the same.  I did it last year on my Facebook page and have those ready to send out finally… my year on that one is up the end of this month. 

So now I’m ready to do Pay It Forward 2014

I will send a small piece of artwork, sometime in 2014, to the first 5 people who comment on this, saying they are in. In return, you must post this on your Facebook page or blog, and send a piece of artwork whatever number you decide. You don't send to me, unless I comment on your post as you have done on mine.

It may be something quite small, like a postcard or trading card size. Or you may send a piece as large as you like. The only rules are: 

1. You must post a Pay it Forward on your own Facebook page and/or blog

2. You must send a a piece of artwork during the year. 

3. And you must send me a link to your post.

Remember, you must tell me you are in! Any other comment doesn't count. I will need your address (send by email so it's private).

Doesn't this sound like fun? Are you in?

Monday, February 10, 2014

About dailies and other stuff

I spent a lot of time downloading and resizing my dailies but for some reason even though I saved them as j-pegs, Photoshop doesn’t recognize them and I can’t open again.  Sooooooo, I’m posting a photo of two of my favorite guys…. Warner’s first ride on a chairlift.

Marshall and Warner on chairlift

He loved it… Ed and our boys had a good time on the slopes, I stayed home with my sprained ankle.

I had some profound thoughts on creativity, wrote them down, edited them with plans to post on my blog.  Now they are buried somewhere.  Time to regroup!  Here’s one of my dailies, done last Tuesday looking out a friend’s window.

2014-02-04 12.20.58

Time to get ready for Warner, I’ll try to download again tomorrow.