Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pouring, another step in my process

This is the tedious part.  It's not so much when I'm doing something with only a few shapes but when I get several as there are in this church it's tedious.  I've transfered the traced image to the watercolor paper; however, when you trace something using the 6 to 8B pencil there is a lot of graphite and it is sitting on top of the paper... one wash and you have graphite mixed with the paint and you've lost the image.   So I go over the lines carefull with a harder pencil then, using a kneaded eraser, I push down with the eraser lifting the loose graphite.  Once all this is done I'll be ready to do my first pour since I've decided I don't want any white.  Since this is laborious and I'm ADD, I have another one going at the same time...  not so many shapes in this one...

Monday, March 23, 2009

The next step

Moving along to the next step in the process. You see it reversed. I decided it could be reversed because the place is not important, it was the blue door with the wonderful hinges that I was in love with so that saved me a step. I put the traced image down on my paper and gone right over the lines. Now I will be able to do it again sometime... but with the door on the other side. All I have to do is turn it over and go over the traced lines again All of this part is done with a 5 or 6B pencil so the lines will transfer.

The next thing to think about... do I want to save any whites or do I put a wash over the entire sheet before moving on. I'm leaning toward a wash but not certain yet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've been celebrating all week ... it's my birthday month and this past week was the actual birthday week. I did a lot of sketching and looking but no major work completed. However, I did get one started and I thought some of you who pop in to see what I'm doing might be interested in seeing my process.... so I've posted the start. This will eventually become a poured watercolor piece but there are many decisions yet to be made before I start the actual painting. The drawing is approximately 7 x 7 in my sketchbook. I'm working out the values. Once that is complete I'll determine the colors I'm going to use and the size the actual piece might be. One thing I know already, the door will stay blue though it may not be that blue. It was the blue door that got my attention first so I plan to keep it. The painting may be the same size as the sketch but not necessarily. I've also posted the photo I'm working from so you'll have an idea where I'm going...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Off the wall art and a colorful bowl

I haven't accomplished a major piece of art this week but I've been having fun experimenting... first with a couple of challenges from a wet canvas artist friend....  use a black and white photo as reference and add your own color was one challenge.  I did two of those.... I used crayons... a small traveling set.
The second challenge was to do a blind contour drawing and then embellish as you felt like it... I felt like making it look a little more like the person I was drawing...
And finally, the creativity challenge.  This wasn't intended to be part of the March Challenge... Dream... but when I looked at what I wrote in the middle of the bowl I realized the challenge was on my mind. I was looking for color, I wanted a colorful bowl to put on my office coffee table and I didn't want to buy one so I made this one out of paper. In the process I got rid of some old magazines to boot.
Now back to painting....