Friday, February 28, 2020

Still Working On The Quick Ones

And I've only missed a couple days this month.  Hopefully I will get one done every day in March.

I'm almost at the end of this sketch book and that's another thing I am happy to say because usually when I get near the end I'm anxious to start a new one so I leave the end pages empty.  And isn't that wasteful!?  And I am anxious to get into one that will take color better so I'm especially pleased with myself.

Here are a few more of the February sketches.... all the black and white parts done in under 10 minutes, adding the color took more time.  My goal is to get the initial sketch down in under 10 minutes, take a photo for color and add that later.

Of course if I'm with friends who also paint I can take more time which is what I do when I paint with my "Tuesday Painters" buddies.  I still try to work fast but not as fast as the morning sketches.  Here are a couple of my Tuesday pieces....

Thursday, February 20, 2020

More Quick Ones and a Tuesday Painters piece

First a thought....

I've continued doing my quick ones, usually in the morning and trying to do them in under 10 minutes.  Some turn out quite nice, some not so much but the goal is to improve.  I believe I can do it which is why the above quote seemed appropriate.

Here are a few of the morning sketches done this month...

and one of my Tuesday Painters pieces