Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Painters Today

We were at the library today.  I thought about painting the shelves of books but chatting with the group took up too much time, settled on another of the many plants that are there.

Last week we were at Church of the Dunes looking out its library window.... We get a similar view in the sanctuary so if the sermon is boring... well it isn't often but if it is....
 Yesterday I came across a sketchbook that I had started last year.  Some of the pages had been taped so I could do something small.  I haven't added paint yet but once I started on the tulips they grew... this is my birthday flowers so I will add color.  And the apple.... got it out for my grandson but decided I liked the crooked stem so kept it to draw and gave him a different one.
The reason I found above sketchbook.  I am doing some serious de-cluttering and reorganizing a very messy studio.  I have way too much stuff in there and some of it has to go.  I've found all sorts of treasures along with lots to get rid of.  This corner is partially done... still a ways to go but it's getting there.

Friday, March 10, 2017

More Pears and Clearing Clutter

 This is the last one I did.  Shopping at Meijer, saw the lumpy pear and had to get it.  The next one is the first day I brought it home.
 Day 2....
 And day 3
The Tuesday Pear was done with my Tuesday Painters.Group.  We were here that day doing still life paintings because it was wet and cold.  The rest were all quick sketches so I could get back into the studio to do more clutter clearing.  Since I'm digging out stuff, sorting and getting rid of things I haven't used in years there is more mess now than there was before I started.  

And, since I need to get more bookmarks done for an order, you can see them in process among the clutter They're circled in black.  Those one the left are ready to pull.  The ones on the right are mounted, ready to cut apart when I get the cutting mat cleared.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Having Fun With My Gelli Plate

I started some pieces for my crack series using my gelli plate.  When it was time to clean the plate I decided I really don't need more collage paper so let's use mailing tape.  I had three gelli plates going so time for a bit of experimenting.  I added a bit more paint, used a stamp to let the previous colors come through, let that dry, did some stamping, let them dry again, pulled the print and these bookmarks are the result.  Original monotype bookmarks ready to use..

I think I'll take them to the gallery tonight.  I have more that are drying now, just need to cut them out