Thursday, January 29, 2009

More postcards

The first one is the painting... it's 10 1/2 x 7 inches.  The second one is the postcard, an image transfer that has been embellished and coated with encaustic finish... resulting in different colors and a different look... it's 6 x 4 inches.  And two more postcards round out this weeks work....  Both of these are transfers from my paintings that have been embellished before adding the encaustic finish. 

The postcards will go to the Muskegon Museum of Art for it's Annual Postcard Salon Fundraiser.  They'll be available for sale there for $30 each.  The painting is available matted with a 3" mat for $95. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Every year the Muskegon Museum of Art has a Postcard Salon. Artists are invited to submit 5 postcards which will be for sale for $30 each. The Museum gets half and the artist gets half. There is no jurying, everyone is invited to submit as long as they meet the size requirement and that they are not photocopies of something... they have to be original pieces. I've done this every year... sold some and not sold some... doesn't matter really, it's a fun event. All of the postcards are displayed, everyone has a chance to see them and then the doors are closed while they prepare for the sale. Museum members get in 5 minutes before the rest of the crowd.... and the rush is on to get these bargains while contributing to the Museum. I finished two of mine this week.... The first one is Mardi Gras... or should it be Venitian Masks (maybe Mardi Gras because I don't think I know how to spell Venitian.) The second one is No. 10. Both of the images are from Both are mixed media... starting with watercolor and adding other media to them. Number 10 has an encaustic finish because there was some pastel on the piece and I wanted it to stay put.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to painting

This is an image I got from  It's a site where I've made many good artist friends and everyone shares images.  My first love is old boats but I also love old buildings with walls like this one.   I started teaching a beginning watercolor class last week and in preparation decided I'd better get back to using a brush so I did this one as a warm up.
Beyond painting... we have snow... tons of it... and it's bitter cold.  Have to admit... I love winter, I love snow... I hate bitter cold.  Cold is ok but when it gets down around zero and below... that is not fun and that is what we have this week.  I'll take some photos of our beautiful snow and post them later.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Paper Flowers

I'm late, I know... we went skiing.   This is what I did, I should say we did because it was a joint effort between my daughter-in-law Jamie and I.  Paper flowers.  She had done some for their apartment out of construction paper and was explaining the project to me.  I had some paper, a brown paper bag that I had coated with acrylic paints which we decided might work.  It did and the result is the copper colored flowers you see in the jar.  Armed with that knowledge we decided to add more color so we coated another brown paper bag and finished the bouquet.  The process is relatively easy though I haven't tried writing them out.  I may because it's a project my Creativity Class can do... thinking about that... definately.... they can do that tomorrow night.  Better go coat some paper!