Monday, January 27, 2020

Sketching and Stitching

 This one was the start of a daily quick sketch practice.  My first few were things on my table in the morning.

Then, anticipating some travel with friends I decided I needed to practice capturing scenes quickly.  I got out some photos from previous travels and set a stopwatch working toward 5 or 6 minutes.  Still working toward consistently getting it and having fun trying.

Vivien was on our anniversary and the sketch is the view as we arrived there that morning.  We did a Viking Cruise which I highly recommend.

I also managed to stick to stitching on a patch in the evening while my spouse and I watched a movie on TV.  Netflex and Prime have good selections.

All this and I managed to clear a lot more clutter from my studio.

Friday, January 10, 2020

So Far, A Good Start

But then it's only been a week.  Well, really a week and a half and I did do one art journal page last week.
And this week got two new grunge journals ready to go.

I did get images of all of the Tuesday Painters' work this week.  

Elaine worked on the gnomes she started last week
 Mary did her tea mug
 I did Connie's hat
 and Beth worked on her gnomes from last week

And Connie watched but she does draw sometimes.

I'm still working on this week's stitched piece and will post it next week. Cleared more clutter from the studio and almost have all of Christmas put away.  It's been a good week.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

A New Year and New Practices

Evenings we have been watching movies and I can't just sit and watch.  So getting ready for 2020 I cut 6 inch squares from old jeans and backed them with a stabilizer.  My plan is to stitch on one a week.  This is the start of this weeks.

A new practice with my Tuesday Painters group will be to photograph everyone's work. I'll have to put a reminder on my phone because I usually don't scan or photograph mine until a day or two later.  Here are the two I did at the end of December.

And finally... an Art Journal.  I have long been intrigued with the idea and have looked at many but so far hadn't found zeroed in on just what mine would be.  Finally I decided to ignore what everyone else is doing, just start and see where it goes.  Here's January 1, the quote seemed appropriate for a start.  I haven't done today's yet.

And, as always.... clearing clutter.  Resolve this year to actually purge and clear and keep it clear.  We'll see how that goes.