Thursday, October 8, 2020

New Work Off To The Gallery

And even newer work matted; getting ready to price and put in my Etsy store.  It hasn't opened yet but I'm working on that too.

But before more work on the Etsy Shop it's time for a break so I'm working on a drawing in my Grunge Journal.  The Grunge Journal is an old book, usually one that is falling apart.  I gesso come pages, glue some together and tape some that are coming loose from the spine.  Sometimes I add collage papers but not always. The Grunge Journals are just for me -- no pressure to get it done or to get it done well, if I don't like it I just do it again on another page.  This time I'm working on Uncle John.  Actually, he's my mother's uncle but I claim him because he was an artist -- and I like the photo I have of him.

Here is the work in process.  I may post it again when I finish