Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Everyday and Some Stitching


Number 29, Draw something architectural and this was part of the wetcanvas weekend drawing event (wde) a couple weekends ago. I love buildings like this almost as much as I love old boats.

Number 24, a piece of fruit.  Our grandson brought us a pear from a tree at his mom’s.  “Lance threw it down and I caught it.”  I do like painting pears so it’s my fruit.  The next day instead of doing something different, I did the pear again before we ate it.  I like the first one best.

both of these were done on note cards which will go in my desk to use when needed.

I have to admit, I didn’t sketch everyday but I did do some art, in my studio.  Finished 6 purses, 5 will go to the gallery Saturday, one I’m not happy with so not sure what will happen to it.  I haven’t photographed the purses yes but here’s a photo of a start on a table runner I’m making from scraps.

holiday table runner start

I did a few more quick sketches for the Everyday Challenge but I haven’t photographed them.  I may – or may not.  I will keep sketching because it’s fun but my daily sketch for the next several days will be more like this last one.  I’m hand painting Christmas cards this year and would like to finish enough for everyone, no two alike, so I have to get crackin’.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some sketching and some sorting

david bag sketch

Another bag for the Everyday Matters challenge, I know, I already did one but this is such a great bag and what a fun one to do.  It’s part of the David Baas collection at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum where my plein air buddies and I sketched last week.  If you haven’t seen the collection do go, it’s fascinating.

I only got three more done from the list…. a piece of jewelry, my spinner ring, lower left; a tin from the kitchen, our cinnamon shaker; and a hand, mine.

my sketchbook

The rest of the week I spent in my sewing room sorting fabric.  Here is a look at the mess and one small portion done.  You can see what my favorite color is….

fabric to sortfabric sorted

That small pile on the left is only a fraction of odds and ends to sort.  There is a very large table in the next room, 4’ x 8’, also full of piles like that and I’ve put 2 boxes of fabrics like satins and velvets and one box of laces on a shelf in the next room.  I need to get stitching to make room for more fabric.

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Everyday Challenge And A Painting In Process

everyday leaf

I got 5 done this week and managed to get a small painting done.  For some unknown reason I’ve been in a funk for awhile and haven’t been painting, my muse has been visiting someone else.  Maybe she’s been helping my friend Li deal with leaving the Bahamas.

This week done… the leaf above, my morning coffee cup; something from my collection, the blue bottle; an antique, my ivory and silver eraser and brush; and a bag.

everyday this week

The daily drawings, my creativity class and my plein air group have kept me going but just going.  Today I woke up enthused and had some ideas….. Hooray!  My muse came back from vacation!  I’ve been in the studio all day and I’ve been productive, it felt so good.

Admittedly, most of what I did was clear space so I could work,  It’s a start!  And a couple of the ideas I woke up with are actually in process.  Not far enough along to show anyone but in process, that’s the important thing.

And finally, the painting in process.  It’s small and it’s non-representational which is way out of my comfort zone but what the heck…