Monday, September 24, 2018

A Studio Makeover In Process

This past weekend my husband was out of town.  Since I was alone I took advantage of the time to do some reorganizing.  The studio is still a mess but this new corner will help to eliminate some of that mess.

previously there was a small cabinet like this one....
It left a dead area where boxes that I couldn't get to where piled up.  Since I was alone I could move things around without someone telling me I had to completely clear the area in order to get it out.  No, I didn't need to do that, it is now in my sewing room where it will be much more useful.  

I built a new table in our garage using a piece of plywood and IKEA legs.  Then managed to move it from the garage in to the studio space.  I did have one heavy cabinet that had to be moved but I managed and the table now fits snugly in the space and I can use all of it.  Carts on wheels hold supplies that can be moved out and one permanent shelf unit holds other supplies.  That unit can also be moved though it isn't on wheels.  I don't plan on moving it anywhere.

I'm pleased with the results.... more workspace and more storage space... all good.  Now to finish sorting and putting away so I can finish the pieces that will be going in the October exhibit at the Gallery Uptown.