Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creativity challenge, a mixed media piece

The creativity challenge for February is words... this started with a transfer of the text from the challenge, then I added the mailboxes because mailboxes mean letters and because they reminded me of the mailboxes at the end of my street growing up. After that it still needed something so I added some glazes to get some value contrast. Finally I did one more transfer... I printed an image of an old envelope on silk and added that to the piece. I think I'm done but won't know for certain until I look at it for awhile. I liked the challenge... it took me out of my comfort zone for sure.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another pour and the creative everyday challenge

This is the pour... I'm not sure it's finished.  I've just taken all of the mask off so it's the first I've actually seen all of it.  If you haven't read about my pouring it's a series of masking and pouring paint so by the time I'm done only the darkest color is visable to me.  I'll put this aside for awhile, get it out again in a week or so and look at it with fresh eyes. 
Meanwhile, I'm working on another pour and the creative every day challenge.  This is what I've done so for with the February Challenge... Words.  I've put all of the images together in one j-peg .... a mandela, a quote over my office door, love spelled out in copper and a start for a mixed media painting.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Pastel and how to transfer

I lead a creativity class at my church.  Every week I invite an artist friend to come in and share a technique with the class.  This week it was a pastelist friend and pastel is a medium that I have avoided... I don't like the feel of the pastel on my hands and I don't like wearing gloves.  Oh well, if my students had to do it, I did too.  this is my result.  I'm not unhappy with it and I may even try another one sometime.  It may not be done, I need to look at it again next week.  Once done it will become part of my Sacred Spaces series.
Last week I posted some transfers and that prompted some questions about how I do it... it's really so very easy as long as you can get the right photo paper.  I haven't been able to find it to replenish my supply but you may have better luck.  Print your photo on high gloss JetPrintPhoto Premium Photo Paper by International Paper.  I print on a HP deskjet 5150, any ink jet printer will work.  If it's important that the image not be reversed, reverse it before you print on the photo paper.   You can trim the photo so you will know where you are setting it down but do leave some white at least along two sides so you can lift to see how the image is taking without losing the position.   In addition to the photo paper you'll need an old credit card and a spray bottle of water.  The spray bottle should spray a very fine mist, not big spots of water.  Oh yes, and you'll need a piece of paper to print your image on...
Ready?  Next step.... slightly spray the paper you're going to put the image on.  Now spray your photo... don't get it too wet or the ink will begin to run too soon... just a fine mist over everything you want to transfer.  Once it's wet, lay it face down on your paper, rub it with your hand to make the connection and then take the credit card and begin to pull it over the piece.  After a few strokes back and forth over the image lift one side while you hold the other side in place... if you want more of the image transferred,  give a squirt, lay the photo back down and rub some more.  Next time, lift the other side and see how it's doing.  Repeat until you're satisfied.  You can get a perfect image if you like but I like leaving a few spots on mine... just because I like the look.