Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and my blog resolution for 2012

christmas angel 2011 First, it’s Christmas Eve and I have to wish every one of you a Joy Filled Christmas and a Wonder Filled 2012

And I’ve already made one resolution for 2012… be more consistent with my blog entries.  So what if I’m busy doing mundane things like clearing clutter; I can still steal a few minutes to read a few of my favorite blogs and if nothing else, write about what I read that might interest you.

And speaking of clearing clutter… I am so proud of myself… my studio is clutter free.  Now of course you all realize that is a relative term.  Yes, there is clutter; however, at one point every surface in my studio looked like this….

drawing tableand now, even after Christmas projects and wrapping, it looks like this…drawing tableand I’m ready to start the New Year with Resolution number 2…. keep it this way! 

Last I posted I was doing daily art.  I’m still doing it.  In fact, the angel is one piece – a digital collage.  I’ve recently learned about layers in Photoshop and that collage is one result.  Here are a couple more….

John and Edith collage mother and paddy collage

and another mixed media pieceArt atc

Again….. Merry Christmas and I’ll be back in 2012.