Monday, October 30, 2017

Lots Of Works In Process

I've been working on a variety of things..... Focus eludes me.  Above is another drawing in my Grunge Journal.  That's what I do to start the day.

Below is a free form crochet piece that I think may become a scarf.  Then again, it may become a vest or a hat, maybe a purse.  I only have two skeins of the yarn so I know it won't become anything very large. I crochet when I'm waiting for an appoinment, for a meeting to start or in the evening if we're watching tv.
This is a close up of the top...
And with the holidays approaching I need to get some things done to sell at the gallery so Wonkey Angels are in process too.  That's my daytime project for the next few weeks.

Didn't mean to chop her halo off.

And a little painting, a birthday card for our son.  It's a painting of his newest project, a boat to restore.  It's not quite finished, I need to add a sail number but can't do that until I find out from him what that number is.
Now... back to work....

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Chapter Closes

This weekend a new family took possession of the house I called home growing up.  It was bittersweet, I haven't been able to enjoy that lake that I loved growing up for many years but still loved that I was able to grow up there.  I would have liked for my sister to buy it but that wasn't to be.

Have to admit that more of my time was spent doing this... or swimming.... or waterskiing.... but the red house on Union Lake made it possible for me to enjoy all of the above.

Our grandfather had the house built when our dad was 8.  I don't remember how old I was when our dad bought it from Grandma after Grandpa died.  I was probably in 3rd grade.  There is a lot of history there, lots of partying too.  No one can take those memories away, not only of the time we lived there but stories our dad told of his childhood there.  And since Grandma lived with us, she too had lots of stories and lots of family and friends who visited.  Lake living means company... Our parents rule was.... "You're welcome anytime, bring your own meat and a dish to pass."

Time now to move on.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Playing In A Grunge Journal

I made a grunge journal from an old book a few years ago.  The book was not very good but also  badly damaged so I gessoed over pages intending to use it as an art journal.  This page is the only one that was done back then.
Life got in the way so I put it aside.  Recently, while looking for something else, I found it again and got it out.  Time to practice some drawing and this seemed to be a good place to do it.  The following are some of the some of what I've done so far.  Some good, some not so good but the practice is always good.   I think I may play with some design in it too.