Saturday, November 15, 2014

sketching and stitching

I never know where my muse may take me.  I certainly never expected to be making stuffed birds but

owl partridge frontowl partridge side

The owl came first inspired by one of my Chi O sisters posting one on her Facebook page, thank you Ronda.  This isn’t what she posted but hers got me thinking and the next thing I knew I had four birds done.  The other two are small and sit in a nest which is yet to be made.  I learned a bunch making these and will do another owl with ears the right size and in the right place.  In the meantime I’ve got some new doll ideas swimming around in my head so who knows where my muse is going to take me next.  In the meantime….

wde patio 10wde 10

I’m still sketching in my sketchbook.  These two are from one of the wetcanvas weekend drawing events last month.  This past weekend I did one that didn’t come out at all like I planned.  I was doing some experimenting and learned what didn’t work so it was worth doing anyway.  This is it…

wde tessels

This is the weekend and I’ve got another wetcanvas image in mind to do before I get back to stitching.