Monday, October 27, 2008

a new way to frame miniatures

I picked up 4 small frames on sale at a local hobby store on a whim. They sat in my studio for a couple weeks and suddenly inspiration struck. Old charts from our sailing days, a bit of glue, archival foam core backing, acrylic glaze, beeswax and one of my miniature paintings (2"x2") and this is the result. The frame is 5"x5" and it's an inch deep so it can either hang on the wall, sit on a shelf or sit on a table. There is no glass so I put two coats of acrylic glaze on the painting and on the foamcore backing. I put a beeswax finish on the frame itself because I like the soft finish when the wax is buffed. I do need more practice putting the beeswax on so it's even. I have plans for the other 3... more marine paintings. However, I went back to see if I could get more of the frames and can't so I think maybe I'll make some. I really like the look.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Workshop and other stuff

I spent last week teaching a pouring workshop and the piece I worked on turned out to be an example of some things not to do. I did it on purpose... sure. Oh well, it's the piece that got done last week and it isn't that bad. I do have some other's in process that I hope will turn out better. Some of my students did fantastic work. In addition to pouring I talked about some of the postcard exchanges I've been involved in and between my students and some artist friends I have about 10 people interested in doing an exchange. If your interested in joining us let me know. Twenty is a good number... it's not too many postcards to produce. Those I've participated in have been through Wet Canvas, this one will be just between friends, or friends of friends.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another painting and a drawing

I've added another piece to my Sacred Spaces series. Some in the series are churches or missions, others are quiet spaces that I find peaceful places to contemplate or meditate. This particular piece is a Country Church. It's 7"x7" poured watercolor.

This second piece is a graphite drawing. I may eventually do a painting of this subject but for now, I'm content with the drawing