Friday, June 2, 2017

New Work And A Great Day

This week I finished two more of my series of 8x8 monotype colleges. A Walled Garden Gate and another Cherub, Just Restin;.  Stone walls, shacks and cherubs are three favorite subjects... and, of course, old boats.  But old boats don't lend themselves to the monotype collage technique that I enjoy playing with.

Another fun thing this week, an afternoon at Meijer Garden with my good friend Terry Brancheau. She's another artist and if she had an art site I'd put a link... she doesn't. She's also one of my dearest friends so getting to spend the afternoon with her visiting such a lovely place...perfect!

And on my morning walk this morning.... another photo to add to my sidewalk crack collection but this time a stone wall...
Now it's time to get back into the studio....