Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm learning printmaking. I've done some but not a bunch. A friend who is part of a group I paint with on Fridays is introducing me to more techniques and the many processes for making plates. This week's work is in preparation for those plates. I've posted two... the first is done from scratch, pen and ink on bristol... a very smooth paper. The second one is from my sketchbook. If I'm going to pour a painting I do preparatory drawings first and this is one of those. I really like the image so I scanned it, printed it and took a few things I didn't like out, darkened the lines with ink... the drawing was graphite originally so some of the lines were faded. The result will eventually be a plate. I'll have a better idea how this works by the time I post next week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

buildings and a graphite piece

This week I've been productive.... I have one piece finished, a poured piece ready to frame. I also have a drawing done ready to transfer to the watercolor paper and a graphite drawing done in my sketchbook. I've been working on a three others, all small square pieces and hope to get them finished this week. I'll be part of an exhibit, along with 9 other watercolor artists, at the Gallery Uptown next month and I am to have three new pieces for that. I have three but would like to have choices... the three small square pieces are to be framed as one. Anyway... here's this weeks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

fabric art and a copper piece

I'm working on two paintings but they aren't finished... during the times I have to let things dry I've been working on a purse to go with the jacket I posted awhile back. I had some leftover patches and couldn't let them go to waste. Yesterday, I spent the day in a friend's studio and she showed me how to emboss copper... WOW! What great fun that was and it was perfect to the finishing touch on my purse... here's the purse and a close up of the copper piece. Can you make out that those are boats.... my favorite subject for drawings and paintings.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Three new ones

This week I have another encaustic, another mini, and finally, a piece of my normal artwork... a watercolor using my pouring technique. If you're interested, you can read about my pouring technique on my web-site....

Anyway... here they are.... a miniature that is three sailboats, a 15"x15" of three chairs on the dock and another encaustic...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Art Doll For Cancer

I participated in a cooperative doll to raise money for cancer research, breast cancer in particular. My contributions, 3 2-inch squares, were for my big sister (XO) Ronda who is a breast cancer survivor and for Karen and Connie, both cancer survivors, though not breast cancer, and finally for long time friend Judy who lost her battle. Girl Gone Wild With Thread is the one who organized the event and put all of the many squares into the skirt of the doll, you can see it on her blog.... the link is here. She's packaging it up and sending it off to Art Doll Quarterly and finally it will be auctioned off... I admire her dedication.... that's a lot of stitching.