Monday, August 17, 2020

A Relaxing Week Away

My annual art retreat at Spider Lake was a refreshing week away from any news, just water, art and conversation with my dear friend and fellow artist, Terry.  I was taking advantage of a workshop, Zen Painting by Jodi Ohl. Like many artists during this pandemic, Jodi offered some of her classes at a discount rate.  Given all that has been going on this year I figured I could use some Zen time. It was relaxing -- some of the time.  

I got carried away with the doodling and think I over did but it was/is relaxing once I accepted that I wasn't in charge of the outcome.  This photo is four 6" x 6" pieces.

I have a few more mixed media pieces in process and I got a couple watercolor pieces done before coming back to reality. This is one of the watercolors.
and this guy done in mixed media was fun --