Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Bit of This and That….

Stitching and sketching … and a painting thrown in for good measure.


This is some of the stitching; a couple friends and I did a Trunk Show and these are a few of the bags I had for that.  Here’s a detail on one of lafazio detail

I did some similar detail work using reverse applique but haven’t done anything with those pieces yet.

Sketching…. plein air and wetcanvas weekend drawing events.  First the weekend drawing events. These two were done at the end of June. 

6.29 hull and buildings

I had fund doing the next two this weekend…The fire hydrant was one of this weekend’s images, the boats were from the weekend before.

fire hydrant

lis boats 7.36 wde

I do love old boats… so before I move on to sketching here’s a painting I finished.  I’ve titled it Classic because that’s what it is to my mind.  Do you agree?

Classic finished

I’m pleased with the result but as I was working on another painting which I didn’t finish I realized I’m sort of in a painting rut.  I can spend the time it takes to do a painting if it’s an old boat.  Not so with most other subjects…. for those I’d rather do a plein air sketch so that’s the other thing I’ve been doing…. Blue pots at the Grand Haven Garden House

blue pots garden houseor one of the many little spots that Dale and his crew have made into inviting settingsgarden house 7.31

Or in my back yard where I’ve planted a clay house (a final exam project from a ceramics class I took several years back.)  I added a little path leading up to the house which is tucked up under a hosta and dubbed it a fairy house.

my cabin fairy house

And yesterday I joined some friends at Lloyd’s Bayou, thank you Ruth Kelly for inviting us to use your view.  First I did a quick sketch of the Lotus

lotus sketch

Then started a small painting of the view across the way

lotus across the river 7 13

And now another month is well underway…. where will I put most of my energy?  I’m really needing to focus, can I learn how at this age?  I have to at least try.  Haven’t figured out how but there has to be a way.