Sunday, September 20, 2020

Another New One


Once again, no title.  I was thinking Calm but there's a whole lot going un under the surface so perhaps not.  Once again there are many layers under there.  Layers seem to suit me as I experiment with three things -- acrylics, mixed media and abstracts.  

Without something specific to paint I just put things down, cover it up if I don't like it and try again -- several times.  I do enjoy the process and finally arrive at something I like but I never have been good with titles.  My husband usually ends up doing that part.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Where Did Summer Go?

 It's been a good summer but it went too fast.  I love being able to do my morning routine of diary entry, devotional reading, journaling and sketching on our patio.  The sketches are simple, quick and a long way from perfect but that doesn't bother me.  It's doing it that matters.

The Zen Painting workshop I was working on at Spider Lake continued and I had two more pieces that she wanted us to do.  Those weren't so relaxing.  I did finish but after several layers and do overs.  These are both 16 x 16 inch and I'm happy with them but it was not a Zen like process.  I'm glad I did it and I did enjoy doing the smaller ones. I'm glad I took the class and will do more -- but not 16 x 16. These are suppose to be non-representational.  They aren't but they aren't realism either.  I did learn a lot about crackle medium while working on them.  I learned that it doesn't always work and sometimes it works too well.  Any crackle that did show up got covered up in the end.

Now I'm working on new pieces for the October exhibit at the Gallery Uptown.  This is one that is finished.  It's 18 x 18 inches.  I have two more this size and four 8 x 8 inch pieces in process.

I'll post the finished pieces as I finish them.