Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stitching A Robe

This was going to be a quilt....
But then I saw a robe that Jude Hill (Spirit Cloth) made and I knew this was suppose to be a robe.  So, I gathered together a bunch of little experimental stitched pieces ,,,

And some scraps of blue fabric.  Now I need to decide, will it be a summer robe or a year-round robe.  I'm leaning toward year round which means I'll need one more layer which will be quilted before I stitch it together.  Here it is so far.  The yellow is a sheet on my work table, not part of the robe. I can add more embroidery any time.  I think it's going to need some orange on the left front since I put that pieced leaf patch in on the right front. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

And The New Direction Continues

Work on the new art journal continues along with more new watercolors.  This small piece is from a photo that had been posted over on the Weekend Drawing Event at last weekend.  This is a more common scene for me to paint.  I do love the water.
And I have one signature done for the new art journal.  It looks like it's going to be an art journal reflecting my town.... at least thats what it seems to be so far.  Here are the pages in the first finished signature; not that it will be the first one in the book, just the first one finished.
Evidently there were windows in the basement of the Cutler House, now the Oakes Agency and condos.  The windows have been bricked over.
One of the lights at the entrance of Duncan Woods.  Before we moved to the house we're in now we were across the street from the woods.  I miss looking out at them.
Part of the gate at the entrance to our cemetery.  It's a lovely cemetery, a good spot to do some plein air painting because there are some very interesting tombstones there.  Maybe I should add one to this art journal.
I'm not sure what it's called other than a chimney but this sits on the roof of the Elks Club and I've sketched it many times.
And the last page of this signature, the two steeples on the Presbyterian Church, These are aged copper, we have a few other distinctive steeples in town.  I may include a couple more.