Monday, September 14, 2009

Dancers and some other things

dancers 2 

This one is a poured piece that has been mounted on a piece of wood and then I put an acrylic glaze over the top to protect it.  I learned about the technique from a friend and decided to try it.  I'm not sure how I feel about it... I do like the painting.

This has been a busy week and I was thinking I didn't have any new work to post.  That is until I actually started to think about posting.  I have this piece hanging on the wall waiting for it to let me know where to go with it.  This is part of my Sacred Spaces Series

bells and courtyard

And last night I did another tempera resist piece experimenting with drying with a heat gun between steps.  My Creativity class starts tomorrow night and this is what my students are going to learn to do so I wanted to know if they could be finished in the time frame we have... they can.

tempera resist fish

And, on top of these projects, my husband and I spent a couple days in Chicago... camera in hand.  I'll share a highlight, the Sears Glass Tower, that's my foot just so you can see why I got such an unusual view of the city...

Sears tower and footfrom sears tower

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You are a MUCH braver woman than I...