Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lots of Starts and a great weekend

This one is ready to go to the gallery.  I have a few more started, the monotype part is done; next I add collage.

I got these done today and not being one to waste paint or ink, I cleaned up the plate with paper to add to my collage stash.
Yesterday was productive too.  I don't know if these are done or not, I have to live with them for awhile before I decide.

And the weekend.... I come from a very small family, two sisters are the only one's who had children. I have 4 cousins and they all got together near me this weekend along with some of their children. Here is the gang... and this is only part of their side of the family plus me.
And here I am with cousins and their spouses. I'm in white with the white hair the other two sitting on my left are the other two elders; behind them in hot pink and in grey are their younger siblings.  We don't see each other often as no one lives close but when we were growing up we did everything together since we only lived a block apart.... that and our mothers were very close.

It was fun seeing everyone, celebrating a graduation from UofM Law School, an engagement and a retirement.  Lots of reminiscing, lots of laughing.  We're getting to an age where we need to do it again every year.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Nice start to the pieces. I hope you show them after you add the collage. Looks like a fun gathering. My family is so scattered but it is always fun to get together, although usually it is just a few of us. Glad you had fun.