Thursday, March 22, 2018

Another Series of 4x4's Started

I'm playing with collage and decided to start another series of 4x4's.  The last time I did 40, this time I decided to do 4 times 4...16.  I spent Monday making collage papers; Tuesday I started playing.  I'm trying to use as few pieces as possible, at least for now.

My plan is to do one a day; it's a good way to start the time in the studio.  With past practices like this I've found that some days something goes together quickly, other days not so much.  On those other days I leave them sit in the area I work on collage while I go about doing other things.  Every once in awhile I have to walk past them and often that's when something pops out at me. 

Creativity is like that, sometimes she's just there on your shoulder telling you what to do; other times she figures you aren't paying attention (usually she's right on that) so she moves away and waits for you to come back with a more open mind...

Here are the first three....
Just Playing #1

Just Playing #2

Just Playing #3

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susan hemann said...

wonderful, love the daily practice a sort of warm-up with finished work in the process