Monday, November 4, 2013

More Everyday Challenge And A Painting In Process

everyday leaf

I got 5 done this week and managed to get a small painting done.  For some unknown reason I’ve been in a funk for awhile and haven’t been painting, my muse has been visiting someone else.  Maybe she’s been helping my friend Li deal with leaving the Bahamas.

This week done… the leaf above, my morning coffee cup; something from my collection, the blue bottle; an antique, my ivory and silver eraser and brush; and a bag.

everyday this week

The daily drawings, my creativity class and my plein air group have kept me going but just going.  Today I woke up enthused and had some ideas….. Hooray!  My muse came back from vacation!  I’ve been in the studio all day and I’ve been productive, it felt so good.

Admittedly, most of what I did was clear space so I could work,  It’s a start!  And a couple of the ideas I woke up with are actually in process.  Not far enough along to show anyone but in process, that’s the important thing.

And finally, the painting in process.  It’s small and it’s non-representational which is way out of my comfort zone but what the heck…


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Joan Tavolott said...

Glad to hear your muse has returned. These sketches are nice and I like the writing around as a border...nice penmanship too!