Friday, May 26, 2017

New Journals And A Start

I saw a demo on this type of journal and thought my class would like to try it.  First I had to know what worked and what didn't so had to make at least one for myself.

Then I had to make another to demo how to do it.  And then, just because it was fun to do, a third one is in the works.  I do journal regularly so they will get used.  What I liked about this journal is the binding.  It's elastic and the pages can be slipped in and out easily.  The base is an old book.  First step is to remove the inside which can be saved for future use as collage paper.  Then play with paint, stamps and stencils to do the cover.  Add elastic, ribbon and paper and you have a journal.  I may use one of these as an art journal.  The middle one is going to be my morning journal when the current on is full.

The start is something that has been hanging around my studio for a few years.  A friend had been given a sign for their cottage but she didn't particularly like it so she asked me to do it over.  This isn't something I normally do so it's been sitting.  However, her 14th annual remission picnic is coming up so I decided it's time... get to it.

It's been sanded and a coat of gesso covered everything.  I sketched the background and two loons.  The background and loons are from a piece of fabric she gave me that she used in the cottage.  Loons are not something I usually paint so this is probably going to stay like this for awhile.  The picnic isn't until July so I have time.
Another thought that keeps cropping up..."Save the Catwalk"  Our town has a pier and a catwalk that no longer provides access to the lights in high water but does provide a sense of safe pier walking for town folk and tourists alike.  It needed repair so it has been removed.   The "Save the CatWalk" group is trying to raise the money needed to put it back up. I don't do pier paintings normally; however, a few years back I did do one that I really liked.  The painting has been sold but I still have the image in my file.  I'm thinking of making note cards and selling packages of 6 or 8 cards with most of the proceeds going to "Save The CatWalk?.  What do you think?  This is the image....

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Terry said...

Beautiful! I think the notecards are a great idea!