Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Is all this going to be over soon?

 I truly have not minded the isolation but have to admit -- it's getting old.  I've been busy in the studio working on some paintings and the 100 Day Challenge.  Here is one of the paintings in process --

This has several layers of stuff -- just doing a lot of wondering what would happen if.  I'm now at about 10 layers of stuff.  Here it is when it was about 8 layers --
You can see I changed the direction and lightened it up a bit.  I still don't feel that it's done.  Who knows how many more layers before it is.  The other one that I've been working on is done -- I think.

And the challenge -- I mentioned that I was doing art journaling.  Actually I think what I've ended up doing is a lot of collage in a sketchbook.  I suppose that counts as art journaling.  At least it's what I'm still doing every day and getting rid of a lot of scraps of paper.  Here are a couple of the new ones.

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